BJJ Advice: Fix Your Errors As Soon As Possible

BJJ Advice: Fix Your Errors As Soon As Possible

If you’d like to improve as much as possible in Jiu-Jitsu, then it might be a good idea to start working on your mistakes… You know, the ones you keep making over and over – so much so that they turned into habits?

It’s time to start eliminating them. Brian Glick explains why this is so important:

When you notice yourself failing to address a grip or mistiming a takedown, locking your legs the wrong way or fumbling a guard pass, prime yourself to make the correction DELIBERATELY and CONSCIOUSLY.

It’s obvious to want to fix an error. When you do it consistently and on purpose, every single time, you set the stage to see the problem earlier and to fix it sooner.

By becoming increasingly aware of these errors, you’ll notice yourself rectifying them with more ease:

Those times when you miss the chance, notice when you’ve missed it and you’ll still be increasing your awareness of what needs to change.

The more often you do this the easier, more natural and more automatic it becomes.
With practice you’ll learn to execute the new habit much earlier in the process.


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