BJJ Advice: Anticipate Failure – Or You’ll Most Certainly Fail

BJJ Advice: Anticipate Failure – Or You’ll Most Certainly Fail

You know the saying: “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail”? Well, there’s one quite similar, which is a “level up” to it…
And it could be summarized with: if you fail in anticipating failure, you’ll almost certainly fail.

Sounds kind of complicated, doesn’t it?
John Danaher explains what it means in-depth:

It’s good to be confident with your favorite moves and believe that you can get them to work anytime any place on any athlete – but we’ve got to be realistic too.

Sometimes your favorite move isn’t going to work, so we got to have effective back ups that enable us to go past an initial failure into success.
Certain moves go hand in hand with each other. If you’ve got a favorite it’s important you back it up with appropriate follow ups when that inevitable failure arises.

This approach will enable you to transition to the next move, even if your first (or second, or third) technique fails.
And that is exactly why anticipating failure is so important:

It’s important you anticipate failure. This isn’t being negative, it’s being realistic.
Just make sure you’ve got good follow ups that failure will open a door to success.


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