Biggest Kids Tournament in Europe Coming To Slovenia: Gymnasium Euro Cup

Biggest Kids Tournament in Europe Coming To Slovenia: Gymnasium Euro Cup

In the past Gymnasium Cup broke through different frontiers. Now they’re at it again! The biggest kids Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tournament in Europe is coming to Slovenia on October 6th 2018!

The first Gymnasium Euro CUP is waiting for us! This is the first time that such an event for children is being organised in Europe. This has never happened before. There will also be an adult competition at the event.

In the ADULT Divisions the contest will be held in the format of the Gymnasium absolute.

Absolute weight categories for Adult white, blue, purple, brown and black belts. That’s a real challenge!

During the last six years you could already see the way the Gymnasium Championships were held in Russia. Every tournament was able to gather about a thousand young athletes and create the most competitive conditions for them. Last time in Moscow there were more than 1300 participants from 4 y.o.

It will be IBJJF rules tournament. Submissions are allowed for age groups from 2011 and older. For children under the age 2012 the joint locks and chokeholds are prohibited.

IBJJF Rules for everyone except kids 2012 and younger , they roll without submission . Only points.


30 euro – Registration with biggest discount before 1st of August

40 euro – Early registration before 16th of August

50 euro  – Normal registration 17th of August –  15th of September

60 euro  – Late registration 16th of September – 30th of September .

Untill 30th of September you can cancel and get back 100% of your payment
If you cancel you registration 1st or 2nd of October  you can get back only 50% .

Last day to edit or cancel your registration – 2nd of October

Entrance fee for spectators and parents  – FREE.


Transfers are available from the airports of Ljubljana , Zagreb and Vienna.

Gymnasium Euro Cup trailer:


October 6th, 2018


Judo Club Slovenj Gradec
Kopaliska 27 2380 Slovenj Gradec Slovenia

Gymnasium Euro Cup establishes cash prizes for adult divisions:

 White belts male adult – 80
White belts male adult – 80+
White belts female adult – 60
White belts female adult – 60 +
100 euro – first place
Blue belts adult absolute male – 200 eur first place
Blue belts adult absolute female – 200 euro first place
Purple belts adult absolute adult – 300 eur first place
Brown/Black belts absolute adult – 400 euro first place
Cash prizes only for adult divisions!

Registration and details here: https://russia.smoothcomp.com/en/event/888

Watch out for the latest news https://www.facebook.com/pg/gymnasiumcup

12 0000 photos here – https://vk.com/albums-102043950  link in instagram @gymnasiuneurocup