Best Type of Mattress If You Suffer from Back & Neck Pain

Best Type of Mattress If You Suffer from Back & Neck Pain

Athletic performance can’t be achieved without following a few lifestyle ground-rules, such as eating right and getting proper rest. But what can you do when chronic back and neck pain prevent you from getting the much-needed rest your mind and body require? Athletes are prone to such aches because of their consuming physical activity.

I believe the answer is obvious: you should get a proper mattress! Since you invest a lot of time and effort in your instruction (needless to point out that martial arts require not only physical training but also mental discipline, concentration, and grace), it would just make sense to invest in a mattress that will help you enjoy a good sleep. Here’s a list I put together with what to consider when shopping for the best bed for you:

Body weight distribution

The best mattress for back and neck pains is the one that ensures a perfectly balanced body weight distribution because it will keep your spine straight and thus you’ll enjoy a healthy sleep.

Sleeping position

The way you sleep is an essential aspect when choosing your mattress. Do you sleep on your back? You need a medium-firm product to support your back area but also outline your body. Do you sleep on your side? You need delicate softness to insulate your shoulders and hips.

Is sleeping on the belly your favorite position? You require a memory foam mattress with high motion isolation, to keep your body afloat. But as we all change postures during the night, experts who evaluate mattresses say that the best ones are the medium-firm memory foam with high motion isolation items, because they are fit for all kinds of sleepers.

Type of mattress

Top-quality memory foam products are considered ideal for most sleepers, since they provide relief for back pains, the right support and they also have a long life. They keep the spine aligned but are also soft enough to offer exceptional comfort. Mattresses with a three-layered memory foam core come highly recommended.

Smart technologies

Top mattress manufacturers use modern materials and technologies to design their products. For instance, one of the newest inventions is the Celliant technology, which provides numerous benefits.

Celliant is a mineral-based fiber embedded into the mattress cover. Tests and studies have scientifically proven that this intelligent technology relieves muscle pain and improves blood circulation. It does so by taking the extra body heat and converting it into productive infrared energy. That way, it stops the overheating of the bed and helps the healing process of muscles and joints.

Special mattresses for athletes

Some of the best mattresses for people with intense physical activities are the ones primarily created for athletes and come in the form of adjustable beds. Hardcore athletes put a lot of pressure on their bodies, and it became evident for the mattress industry that such people needed different beds, to facilitate their physical recovery. Thus, designers and engineers invented a mattress combination of cooling comfort and spinal support to match all body shapes and types of sleepers.

Adjustable beds

One of my favorite choices consists of adjustable beds, which include both mattress and base. They are highly popular due to their particular feature which allows you to control various parts of them. Thus, you can elevate, lean, lift or lower the parts of the bed until you find the most comfortable position, depending on the area of your body where you feel pain.

These beds have another distinctive feature – the dual functionality. In other words, you can set your side of the bed the way you like it, while your partner can choose a different configuration. That makes them an excellent option for couples, mainly if both partners are athletes.