Bernardo Faria Shares a Secret Omoplata from Closed Guard Detail

Bernardo Faria Shares a Secret Omoplata from Closed Guard Detail

The Omoplata is often one of those elusive submissions. Your opponents see it coming and try to elude getting submitted by either staying extremely tight with their elbows or by “slipping out” once you shoot for it. Now, the second problem has to do with how mobile your hips are, how well (speed and technique) you shoot that leg underneath their shoulder, and how fast you are in feeding their arm to your hip… However, the first problem can actually be easily dealt with.
Here’s how to deal with the “tight elbows” problem when setting up an Omoplata from Closed Guard. Bernardo Faria shares a secret and easily applicable detail below.



If your opponent is keeping their elbow tight and negating you an Omoplata from Closed Guard, you have to create space between that elbow and yourself. And doing this doesn’t have to require force at all.
Bernardo explains that you simply have to “swim” your arm underneath the opponent’s elbow and grab their collar. From there, turn your forearm so that their elbow flares out – it’s that simple! Now they won’t be able to tuck their elbow back in, and you can go for the Omoplata.

Bernardo Faria shares the details to this setup on the video below. Pay attention to his Pistol Grip as well:

Master the OMOPLATA–the submission that can be your new favorite position.

  • You might not look like Clark Gracie, but your omoplatas will be the best-looking part of your game.
  • SWEEP them when they’re defending the SUBMISSION and SUBMIT them when they’re defending the SWEEP.