Ben Askren Rips Dillon Danis and Conor McGregor

Ben Askren Rips Dillon Danis and Conor McGregor

Ben Askren is making waves in the UFC. Ahead of his octagon debut Askren found himself as the target of Dillon Danis – something he easily rebuffed.

It all started with Danis trying “the daddy” angle:

But things quickly went south from there:

McGregor famously lost to Khabib and was bout out powered and out wrestled. And of course that whole situation escalated to Khabib Nurmagomedov jumping into the audience and hitting Danis.

Ben Askren, 2x NCAA Champion (4x NCAA finalist) is one of the most recognized wrestlers in the world. Ben is notorious for being extremely technical and an extremely great instructor.

Check out Ben Askren’s instructional series “Ultimate Askren.“. Ben Askren was an NCAA D-1 Wrestler and is notorious for being one of the greatest and most technical wrestlers on the planet

Ben is a well seasoned combat veteran with an excellent system for bringing someone down to the ground.
Ben makes it easy to implement wrestling on anybody, no matter their size, skill, or athletic level.


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