Why Bellator Needs To Make Dillon Danis vs Ralek Gracie a Reality

Why Bellator Needs To Make Dillon Danis vs Ralek Gracie a Reality


In the recent months Bellator MMA promotion has become the home for many – but for the grappling world by far the two most talked about Bellator additions were in the form of the disgraced Metamoris founder Ralek Gracie and the controversial bjj personality (and Conor McGregor sidekick) Dillon Danis.

Controversial BJJ Champion Dillon Danis Signs With Bellator MMA

While there’s a bit of a weight difference between the two the trash talk would more than make up for it – after all these two have put their stamp on quite a few controversies in the bjj community.


While Ralek was bragging all about how people still have yet to get G in a Gi Danis was making rounds on the MMA shows gospelling himself as the savior of bjj.

Dillon Danis Believes Himself To Be The Savior For The BJJ Community

There’s plenty of history between the two, Danis actually fought under the Metamoris banner not too far back – he fought UFC’s Joe Lauzon in grappling superfight at Metamoris 6. It’s unclear if the organization fell short of the promised fee however.

Ralek Gracie Backtracks: We Don’t Exist To Pay Our Debts!

The two have some common ground – neither of them is too fond of AJ Agazarm – Ralek called the “FBI” on Agazarm back in the day over Metamoris instagram while Danis exchanged some lyrics prior to Submission Underground 3.

There’s more common ground too – while there’s quite a few years in between these two there’s not that big of a difference in terms of MMA experience -Ralek Gracie (31) has only 4 MMA fights on his record including the decision loss against Hisaki Kato at Bellator 170 back in January 2017 and Danis (23) has yet to make a grand debut.


On the other hand Danis found it in himself to challenge anyone and everyone from the UFC rooster including Khabib Nurmagomedov and many others including Bellator’s very own Rory McDonald while Ralek is largely silent following loss against Kato.

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