Belal Muhammad: “Islam Is Nicer Than Khabib”

Belal Muhammad: “Islam Is Nicer Than Khabib”

What’s the difference between training with Islam Makhachev and Khabib Nurmagomedov?

Well, in both cases you’re going to get “smeshed”… A lot. Even if you’re a professional fighter.
However, it seems that Islam is nicer and more helpful about it of the two Dagestani nationals.

Belal Muhammad shared his training experience with Islam, on a recent Joe Rogan Experience episode:

I was rolling with him… And that first week, he’d catch me with, like, an Anaconda Choke every time I’m rolling with him. And he’s just squeezing, squeezing… I’m just, like, tapping.

Islam is nice. He’ll, like, tell you: “You need to do it this way.” And he’ll show me the technique with it.

With Khabib, though, it’s a bit different:

When Khabib is on top of you… He’s, like, breaking me at every single point. And I’m asking him [to explain], but he’s, like: “Nah brother, you just got to keep going.” And I’m like, alright, cool.

So the next time, he’s just on top of me again and… He’s mounting me and then he’s just laughing and talking to the guys outside of the cage.
And I’m feeling, like, disrespected. But this is Khabib.

Islam, even though he breaks people just like Khabib does, is the more helpful one:

At least Islam will be, like: “Brother, do it this way. This is the way you get out of it.”

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