Beach Bodyweight Workout For Grapplers

Beach Bodyweight Workout For Grapplers

Guest post from BJJ and MMA athlete Andy Tiet who goes through an awesome BJJ and MMA beach workout. Training in the sand or at the beach can hep improve agility, balance, power, muscle gains and accelerate your aerobic or anaerobic fitness.

BJJ Beach Workout
Perform 4 passes of each exercise or complete each exercise for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 second rest

1. Bear Crawl Kick Thrus – 1,2 Kick Thrus
2. Shoot and Sprawls (Left Leg first and then Right Leg)
3. Cart Wheels
4. Staggered Walking Push Ups
5. Gorilla Hops

Finisher – Animal Sprints
Perform 5 – 10 Rounds of this exercise.
After each interval..walk back to the start and repeat for 5-10 rounds
1. Bear Crawl to Sprints


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