Be Very Careful When Training Crossfit To Get Better at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Be Very Careful When Training Crossfit To Get Better at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Crossfit is a huge hit not just amongst ordinary people but many fighters use it as great conditioning training to make sure they are in that ”fighting shape”. There are however things to contemplate when doing Crossfit as an extra training besides your Bjj.

It is estimated that at least 40,000 Danes do Crossfit on a regular basis and Danish doctors are now starting to see an increasing number of Crossfit related injuries.


Pushing yourself too hard

“We see a large increase in the number of injuries from Crossfit. It is, of course, because there are more athletes, but the training form also contains a risk behavior in relation to injuries, “said Dr. Tommy Frisgaard Øhlenschlæger, sports department at Bispebjerg Hospital.

According to Dr. Tommy Frisgaard Øhlenschlæger Crossfit so new that there has not been done any scientific studies that can show the number of injuries related to crofit so its hard to get a clear picture.

Sports Physiotherapist John Verner from the park Physiotherapy has 30 years experience in the industry and also sees many injuries from Crossfit.



“Crossfit is plagued by a strange testosterone-like maleness. People overestimate themselves. It’s hard to admit that your neighbor can lift more, so people push themselves too much. It is a shame because it’s a good training method.”


According to Verner Crossfits functional training is really good compared to locking people down in machines But he believes that it requires managing the behavior that makes Crossfit dangerous, and thereby minimizing the risk of injury by ensuring that the exercises are performed technically correct and without the use of weights that are too heavy for the individual.

Take the WOD (Workout of the Day) named Cindy it is composed of 5 pull-ups 10 push-ups 15 squats and the goal is to do as many rounds of that sequence in 20 minutes.

“You can imagine that after a period of 17 minutes, the quality of the exercises that are made, is not very high,” said Casper Jespersen from Performance Gym in Aarhus, which is a personal trainer specializing in functional training, which Crossfit is an example. In his center they have cut training time down to 9 minutes per exercise to ensure higher quality in the exercises throughout the workout.

“It requires a solid knowledge of biomechanics to instruct people in the movements properly, I can have my doubts about the insights found in the fitness industry. The fact that you have taken a Crossfit course is no guarantee.”

There is no formal training to be coach in Crossfit. There is a weekend course with no final exam and that is enough for a person to boast the title Crossfit instructor. according John Verner

Casper Jespersen has for several years been sceptical about Crossfit. He can also tell of many injuries because many people training are not physically prepared for the demanding exercises.

He believes that the problem is highly competitive element.

“There will be a focus on quantity rather than quality of exercise,” says Casper Jespersen, who believes that everyone can get carried away when the hour begins, and the adrenaline running. Many gyms also run whiteboards, where you write down how many kilos and repetitions have been taken in the deadlift. And that’s part of the concept and environment that puts its figures on the Internet after today’s training, which helps to increase competition.

“Training is not good, just because it’s hard,” said Casper Jespersen, who believes that everyone can train so hard that you end up throwing up. But it is much harder to do a workout that is tailored to the individual.

“It is a shame that you can not build more quality,”

As fighters we know there is a risk in fighting it is some thing we live with but acknowledge. When it comes to cardio training what is the end goal of this training? Is it to be in better shape for your fights or is to lift more and harder than the guy next to you.

So when you do your Crossfit traning to complement your fighting traning, manage your risks and make sure you know what you are doing and know the purpose of your training

Article was put together with statements from this article appearing in politikken.dk

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