“Ayiiiiiiii, Ooooh” Bernardo Faria Gets Caught in 37 Wrist Locks by Pete The Greek

“Ayiiiiiiii, Ooooh” Bernardo Faria Gets Caught in 37 Wrist Locks by Pete The Greek

Wristlocks (known as mao de vaca in Portuguese) are some of the lesser used submissions in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Wrist locks are used widely in Akido, Hapkido and Japanese Ju Jitsu. They are illegal in Judo and Sambo.

They are legal in BJJ from blue belt and upward.

In this amazing video, The infamous BJJ black belt Pete The Greek shows 37 different Wrist Locks from every single position you can think . Pete is a specialist in wrist locks and it is unbelievable how much he knows about it. Bernardo Faria appreciated….

Recently, Travis Stevens put together a two DVD set explaining and outlining the details of some of his wrist locks. As a high level judoka who has become a high level jiujiteiro, he is in a unique position to help viewers of his DVD attain a high understanding of what it takes to execute wrist locks and to add to the viewers’ wrist lock arsenal. This DVD covers everything from simple ways to get to the wrist lock and break the naturally strong positioning of an intelligent grappler’s hands, to complex BJJ techniques like transitioning to wrist locks from various positions and submissions. Check it out here!

How To Survive The Rough & Tumble World Of BJJ – As A White Belt From Someone Who Has Been There – Elite Black Belt Joel Bouhey.

  • Learn the RIGHT way to escape one of the worst positions in the world with black belt Joel Bouhey’s master class in escaping from the full mount, the hand in collar, the back etc..
  • Every white belt has to spend time learning how to survive and escape on the mats before they can learn offense.
  • Now with Joel’s help, you can fly through that annoying beginners phase as fast as possible with the right knowledge and techniques on how to stay safe and get out reliably.