Attendance Based Belt Promotions in BJJ Rob You Blind

Attendance Based Belt Promotions in BJJ Rob You Blind

The McDojo phenomenon is a plague that has infected martial arts schools all over the world. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has not been spared by this. What exactly is a McDojo you may ask?  It’s basically a martial arts school or franchise of schools that have shady and poor instructors, that are only focused on making money and that make false claims. Most schools are run as businesses but a MCDojo’s sole function is to make money.


Nowadays many of the major BJJ academies are using the system where BJJ students are given attendance cards and if they fulfill the recommended amount of classes, they are given a stripe or belt, usually which they have to pay for… The Gracie Barra association does this for example.

Gracie Barra is even doing virtual attendance cards for their students to watch the BJJ classes online:

Many academies are now teaching a watered down version of Jiu-Jitsu where people don’t train as hard and where people get promoted and get stripes according to attendance.

Even famous BJJ black belt instructor Firas Zahabi is against this watered down system:

Firas Zahabi Calls Out BJJ McDojos Promoting Students Based on Attendance


Josh Hinger Calls McGregor’s BJJ Gym a McDojo For Giving Out Invented Belts


In this video, BJJ black belt Nick ‘Chewy’ Albin explain why he straight up doesn’t like attendance based BJJ belt promotions. Chewy runs a big BJJ academy himself and does not due these antics because he thinks they 100% rob you of 1 of the most important lessons grappling (and combat sports) have to offer.

Attendance is important but should not the only criteria: