ATT Instructor Willy Hardoy Arrested For Alleged Lewd Behavior with Teen aged Victim

ATT Instructor Willy Hardoy Arrested For Alleged Lewd Behavior with Teen aged Victim

Predators seem to be all the rage in bjj. Over the years quite a number of rotten apples have been uncovered. The latest is American Top Team Instructor Victor Guillermo “Willy” Hardoy.

bullshido.net was the first to report on the arrest and provide some of the screencaps attached below.

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Charges read “Lewd Behavior with Victim Between 12 and 16 Years Old” – the arrest went down at 9:30 PM EST tonight. He’s 42 years old

The suspects wife posted:

Hardoy’s bio reads:


Willy Hardoy began teaching in the academy with Leandro Barbosa, Victor Flor, Orlando De Jesus, Mathews Diaz, Tiago Fernandez, Teneise, and many others that are today also part of TRONCO MMA BJJ FIGHT TEAM. While teaching on the west coast, Willies name started to grow.

In 2000 Willy had one of is fondest memories that he will never forget. While at a cage fight event in Pompano Beach Florida he had a life changing moments as a fighter made his way to the cage to do battle, half of the audience in attendance began shouting, “ ATT! ATT!”. He remembered he told his cousin, “ I want to be in that team, they all unite to make one big, giant voice,” The fighter who inspierd him whould later be his master Edson Diniz a third-degree black belt, from American Top Team. Guillermo’s story had just begun, but started with a bang having one of the top black belts ATT had to offer teaching his old School style Brazilian Jiujitsu. Willy pretty much made his career based on the moral, integrity, dignity, and the values of the American Top Team Academy.