ATT head coach: Colby Covington ‘doesn’t have a problem’ with Brazilian ATT Members

ATT head coach: Colby Covington ‘doesn’t have a problem’ with Brazilian ATT Members



Colby Covington and his racist behavior have been making rounds ever since the cocky wrestler managed to beat Demian Maia in Sao Paulo.

Eventually this had led bjj legend and ATT Founder Ricardo Liborio to further distance himself from the team.

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Liborio stated on instagram:

I feel that I must make a statement in light of the comments made by Colby Convigton along with the amount of messages sent to me from Brazil, the United States, and from all over the world.

I’m here to state that I am no longer with American Top Team. Also, I absolutely do not condone any behavior that instigates hate, prejudice, or bullying of any kind. It upsets me to see the sport taking this direction of blatant disrespect. It’s unsportsmanlike, but it also fosters and promotes a culture of cruelty towards others. Combat Sports should always represent the qualities of humility, empathy, and respect.

Still Covington’s home team insists he has no trouble with Brazilian team members or coaching staff.

Even though he followed up on his initial racism by calling Werdum a filthy animal –  he has no trouble with Brazilians according to head coach Conan Silveira:

“He doesn’t have any problem with teammates or coaches, Brazilians, not Brazilians, Americans – he doesn’t have any problem with anyone here in the house,” Silveira told MMAjunkie.

“I wouldn’t be a fighter that would go that path, but that’s me,” Silveira said. “What people should see is that 90 percent of fighters that criticize him want to do what he’s doing, want to get what he’s getting. Colby’s not only talking, but he’s doing. As much as people don’t like to recognize that, he’s trash-talking, but he’s fighting and winning and getting there.”

“In the house, no problem at all,” he continued. “He’s a cool guy with everybody. Brazilian coaches or American coaches, it doesn’t matter. His opinion has to do with him. We’re not his parents here. We’re trainers.”

Silveira’s instagram frequently features Amanda Nunes and basically has very little to no mention of Covington:


is what Nunes had to say about Covington.


Regardless of his attitude in his own gym – should the UFC be punishing Covington for racist statements?