Armpit Cross Collar Choke from Mount by Augusto Frota

Armpit Cross Collar Choke from Mount by Augusto Frota

The mount position is one of the most dominant controlling positions in BJJ. It is one of the fundamental positions in Jiu-Jitsu and is arguably one of the most valuable lessons a student will learn that can be applied in a self-defense situation. Landing in the mount is a common position to be in a fight, so learning how to utilize it for offense and learning how to escape it can really be helpful.

Cross Choke Variation from Mount

Chokes from from mount (performed in the Gi) work well because you have control over much of your opponent’s general movement; you are keeping him at a fixed distance and manipulating his posture, all the while applying the choking pressure to his carotid arteries with your hands.

When was the last time that you successfully used the cross collar choke from mount to tap somebody good? Maybe you need a little twist on this classic technique to make it more effective…

4th degree BJJ black belt Augusto Frota shares his secret weapon: a cross collar choke where you trap the opponent’s head in your armpit. Frota uses one hand to block the opponent’s body and the other hand to to do the choke. This choke is exteremely powerful:


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