Andrew Wiltse Shares Street Fighting Advice: “Real Fights Are F*cked Up”

Andrew Wiltse Shares Street Fighting Advice: “Real Fights Are F*cked Up”

So you’re a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner… Be honest with us – sometimes you think about finding yourself in a street fight and emerging victorious.
Being the hero of the day.

Well, Andrew Wiltse is here to tell you that the reality would most likely be quite different.
He’s worked as a bouncer for many years:

First, I wanna disabuse you from the notion that real fights have any glamour whatsoever.

Every BJJ athlete that I’ve met seems to have this idea in their head, that they’re going to be defending some maiden’s honor, that they’re the hero in the story.
And that they subdue the attacker with perfectly executed moves and they take zero damage.

I’m here to tell you that the real world could give some f*cks about your personal fantasy.
Real fights are gritty and kind of f*cked up.

Things don’t go according to plan and you will be taking damage in weird ways.

But how does this damage happen? There is more than one way:

Plan on shooting a Double Leg with your two years of high school wrestling experience? Congratulations – you’ve just skinned your knee down to the bone on concrete.

Got in a tie-up, thinking you’ll just go for a throw? You have now been rammed into the table behind you and your leverage doesn’t mean sh*t anymore.

Spent too long thinking about your options? Player three has entered the game and he has caught you from the side.

In other words… Things¬†will not go your way:

Real fighting sucks and it almost never goes according to plan.

The lesson to learn here is: even if you do everything right, something is going to go wrong.

Watch the video below for more great advice, experience, and perspectives from Wiltse: