Andre Galvao Teaches The SUPER ARMBAR From Closed Guard

Andre Galvao Teaches The SUPER ARMBAR From Closed Guard

The Armbar from Closed Guard is one of the first submissions a new BJJ white belt learns. But, it’s also one of those submissions that – after a while – aren’t regarded with the same attention to detail as other techniques are, simply because it seems to be so „simple“ to do. However, Jiu Jitsu is a never-ending journey, with details you haven’t even thought about before… For just about every single technique out there.
And wouldn’t you know it, the Armbar from Closed Guard is one of those techniques. It isn’t enough to keep it simple; but you’ve got to turn it into a SUPER effective part of your submission arsenal.

Andre Galvao demonstrates and explains exactly that – how to turn your „regular“ Armbar into a „Super Armbar“.



The setup you’re going to use, Andre explains, is the one which starts from a Cross Collar Choke attempt. You’ll go for the choke by getting a four-fingers inside grip on one of the collars; but what’ll happen is that your training partner will try to stop you from getting your second grip in.
The way they’ll often do this is by posting their arm on top of your bicep muscle so as to keep it down and away from their collar… And effectively so! This is a great Cross Collar Choke defense. However, it also provides a leeway for your Super Armbar transition.

To get it, you’ll need to:

1) Swing the arm (which is cupped with your opponent’s hand) as close to your head as possible.
2) Turn your head, as well as your torso, into the same direction as your arm’s swing.
3) Get your far leg over their head, trapping their arm in-between your legs.

Now, keep in mind that the above mentioned steps aren’t separate; but they should be done in unison. Also, remember to use your near-side leg as well. It has to chop into the training partner’s armpit; you’ll both create the required momentum and off-balance them by doing so.

So you’ve created the position. Let’s see how to upgrade it.



Andre Galvao has some fantastic details for your Armbar. Here are the most important ones.

1) You’ve been taught to „pinch your knees together“. While this isn’t wrong, here’s a better alternative: spread your knees. Yes, spread them! Because if you pinch them together, it is much easier for your training partner to place his pressure on top of you and defend; as well as to pull his arm out.
Focus especially on driving the partner’s head into their far shoulder with your knee, and you’ll make this a miserable position for them to defend from.

2) Yes, cross your heels one over the other. But keep in mind that the bottom leg needs to be the one which is going over the training partner’s head.

3) Drive your heels towards your butt. If your heels are high up, it’ll be easier for your training partner to escape and pass your guard.

Now you’ll have a much easier job for pulling their arm down and finishing the Armbar. If, by any chance however, they manage to slip their arm out, no worries. Simply transition to a Triangle or an Omoplata; don’t just stay idle, for – as Andre says – whenever you fail at an Armbar, you should immediately go for these other two submissions.
Alternatively, you can also post your hand onto your thigh and your elbow on your floor in order to make it difficult for them to pass your guard.


Watch Andre Galvao demonstrate this into much more detail below:

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  • Closed guard is a position anyone can do, with countless options for attacks that will finish the fight.