Andre Galvao Shows How He Sets Up His Effortless Trademark Single Leg

Andre Galvao Shows How He Sets Up His Effortless Trademark Single Leg

The single leg take down is one of the first two takedowns that beginners learn in BJJ/Grappling.

The reason for this is because it is relatively simple to understand and, like the double leg, it presents itself very often from standing, guard, and many other positions.

By learning a well executed single leg takedown, you can advance many areas of your bjj, you can use several variations of this position in many different aspects of bjj.  There is an ongoing discussion on which sport is better to crosstrain in for BJJ players:  wrestling or Judo?

Many BJJ champions such as Andre Galvao and Marcelo Garcia believe that wrestling may be the better choice because of its versatility.  You can also use wrestling in the gi or without it.

Galvao’s Wrestling for BJJ is at a world class level and in this video, he explains the best single leg set up for BJJ. He believes that you shouldn’t drop your knee. Many wrestling coaches are not aware of common BJJ counters to the single leg such as the kimura trap, guillotines etc. so Galvao adresses this in his video.

This is part of Galvao’s takedown instructional on BJJ Fanatics.

Galvao stated:

Super Saiyan 3 for the last 10 years I worked a lot on my takedowns because the ADCC super fight rule set. I improved a lot and I study the takedowns…I succeed 100% against all my last super fight opponents (all of them ADCC absolute world champ). I show all the secrets and everything you need to know in order to get a better single leg.

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