Andre Galvao Has An Effective Way Of Opening The Closed Guard

Andre Galvao Has An Effective Way Of Opening The Closed Guard

Closed guard is a dangerous place to be in for the one on top. Your opponent has so many options and you, realistically have very few. You either have to open it or force a submission. You need to get out of there ASAP.

Opening the closed guard from the knees can work but mostly on beginners and lower belts.

James Duscio wrote for bjjee about the closed guard:

Watch any of the early UFC’s and you see Royce Gracie submitting people left and right and some of the most memorable tap outs were from closed guard. It made the world realize that a smaller guy on his back was a dangerous threat. You watch a street fight with a BJJ practitioner and the BJJ practitioner almost always submits the opponent from closed guard if a top or back position is not taken.

So how do you counter and escape such a dangerous position more efficiently?

The best way is to stand up.

ADCC legend and multiple time BJJ world Champion Andre Galvao shows some game changing details on how to kore efficiently open and pass the closed guard.

Galvao starts off by showing the right posture and where to place your grips. In the standing up phase, you need to push off your opponent’s chest with your grips. Another great detail is how you are supposed to have a wider stance and let your opponent hang so that they feel pressure on their ankles.

Galvao then pushes down on one leg, opening the guard and proceeding to right away attack with a knee slice pass. The details he explains are truly game changing.


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