Andre Galvao Has A Cool Lockdown Escape – Into Mount Or Side Control

Andre Galvao Has A Cool Lockdown Escape – Into Mount Or Side Control

The Lockdown can be a tricky position in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Once your training partner locks it up and that pain on your calf starts to set in, you know that you’re in deep trouble. So that’s why you have to – as soon as possible – find a way to escape this disadvantageous position and get yourself into a better one!
Andre Galvao has a neat escape that works very well. Let’s take a look at it.



Andre first points out what you shouldn’t do when the training partner has a Lockdown on you. More concretely, it’s just one thing actually; that you must not climb „up“ towards the partner’s head. That is, you shouldn’t lay on top of them.
This is a mistake that a lot of beginners make, thinking that by doing so they’ll alleviate some pressure off of their leg. However, the opposite is the case. By laying on top of them and by climbing higher, your training partner will have an easier time extending your leg; further locking you in place and bringing on even more pain than was the case before.



So, if you shouldn’t do that, then what should you do? That’s right – the opposite! Andre explains that you need to sort of sit back, to get yourself closer to the training partner’s hips. What that’ll do is that it will lower the pain and discomfort. However, it will also set you up for the beginning of the Lockdown escape.

You primarily want to incapacitate your training partners from using their arm (the one on the side opposite to where they established the Lockdown) to swim underneath your leg. If they do this, you’re going to have a bad time, as you’ll get swept or even – if you’re not smart about it – injured.
To make it impossible for them to do this, Andre demonstrates that you’ll underhook their arm and grab their collar on the back of their neck. And voila, job well done; their primary source of offense is now under control.
From there, you’re going to free your leg. Andre showcases that you should first place your knee firmly on the mat and elevate your foot. Then, you’ll make a sort of a semi-circular motion with your shin; exploiting the newly found freedom of movement by sliding your foot underneath the partner’s backside.

When you do this, make sure to grab the training partner’s hip and connect your elbow to your knee. This is done to minimize the chances of them recovering.



Once your leg is free from the Lockdown, your aim should be to move into an advantageous position. As Andre explains, you have two options for this: you can either get into Mount or you can go for the Side Control.
The first part of the setup is identical for both techniques. Andre demonstrates that you’re going to push their knee so that you can plant your knee onto the mat. Then, you’ll Knee Cut across their hip with your other leg; planting it on the other side and using its foot to push the partner’s knee – opening up space for your „first“ leg’s foot to be free as well.

From here, you can transition into Mount by simply taking your second leg back to where it used to be and then inserting your hooks; or you can transition to Side Control.
If you choose Side Control, however, make sure to use the „park the car“ approach. Watch Andre explain it in the video below:

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