Andre Galvao Explains How To Enter “Turbo Mode” In Your BJJ

Andre Galvao Explains How To Enter “Turbo Mode” In Your BJJ

Andre Galvao is one of those competitors who are never out of shape – and many even say they’ve never seen him out of shape – ever.

Previously he was quoted saying there’s two kinds of bjj:

“There are two types of jiu-jitsu, one with much movement, when you move around, your cardio is what works more, as right now, I feel my heart beating strong, but I don’t feel my muscles working hard. Then there is the jiu-jitsu that is using more muscles (strength) and less cardio. It is with that game that you focus more on strength and control. The ideal is to have both.”

Still recently he elaborated on something called the turbo mode to graciemag, here’s how to enter the so called mode and what it’s for – Galvao entered in Calasans ADCC duel:

They called me first, and I walked in. Then he came. Then he took off his sweater, and when I looked at him, I thought, “Man, I’m going to fight this white gorilla, BORAAA!” (Laughter). He started the fight and tried to feel the fight at first, I tried to read his body shape to know what was going on in his head. I began to print the rhythm and felt that in the first four minutes he started to get a little tired, perhaps by psychological pressure, or by the physiological factor itself. I kept the rhythm, I dropped it when it was still not worth the point, to really feel it. Then, when it started to count, I gradually increased my pace. The time passed and I got better, and he was wearing off. Until the time I had the opportunity to turn my back. I tried to finish but I think I could have adjusted better the fittings of the lion killer and also of the katagatame, at the time I rode. We stood again and continued to print my pace all the time – that was three minutes to go and the fight was already 14-0 for me. When the last minute arrived, I started to accelerate more. At this hour we start talking to each other and I do not want to share this here, because I do not remember very well what was said, I do not want to speak here something that we do not speak or to add something by memory failure. But we just talked. Then it’s all over! I won and celebrated a lot. After all, when we were leaving, we talked in the parking lot, and everything was fine.


 On the day of the fight I try to get into full focus, and nothing gets my attention. I try to motivate myself, thinking of everything I’ve come to get there. And here comes the transformation Galvão to Gorila! And come early, so I wake up. I try to keep myself motivated, I go a little further: the feeling is to be very happy with the moment, and with everything around. Several things can happen during the day to get my focus off, but I prepare myself mentally so that nothing will take my attention away from the target. I also try to think of the promises God made to me through His Word. This motivates me a lot, and gives me a lot of confidence! Finally, I have a good breakfast and rest until the time of the fight, that this is very important. And then, when the show time arrives … there it is gorila until the end of the fight! (Laughs).

On evolution of Nogi BJJ:

Yes, a lot is changing, Jiu-Jitsu in general is changing fast. I believe that, despite being a millennial art, the sport with the current rules is still very new, the first World Championship was in 1996, the first ADCC in 1998 … We are living a phase of evolution with certainty. The evolution with kimono is more noticeable and commented because there are world championships every year. Already the evolution of the ADCC goes every two years, and it also exists. I notice a big change in the part of the falls, in the leg attacks, heel keys and leglocks. At ADCC 2011 I invested a lot in wrestling, and I think a lot of people realized that it was necessary to give importance to the takedowns to win there. Another aspect that evolved was the physical capacity of the fighters. Today there are more methodologies of training, physical preparation,

On how he plans to approach Felipe Pena match:

Now it’s preparing me to fight another absolute ADCC champion. I’m super happy at the moment and at the time I did not think much about how the fight would be, after all a lot can happen until then. I know I’ll be older, at 37, but as I’m healthy, I think I’ll get along well, and with more experience. And we can still meet before, in a kimono. If any organizer wants to see this fight without cloth, I think they will have to fill our pockets, right? (laughs). To conclude, I would like to thank all my family, my wife, my daughter, my brother-in-law and my nieces who are here with me in California helping me a lot. I would like to thank all of my staff, my instructors and students who have helped me a lot. And to my fans, who always send me wonderful messages and to God for giving me health and peace. He led me here.



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