Anderson Silva USADA Case Confirmed – Another Case Of Tainted Supplement

Anderson Silva USADA Case Confirmed – Another Case Of Tainted Supplement

Anderson Silva is a legend of the sport. Still at age 43 he’s likely counting out the end of his career. This is where things get tricky. In spite of the fact that it was confirmed that Silva’s latest USADA infraction stems from a tainted supplement his earlier mistakes are back to haunt him.

USADA today announced the former UFC middleweight champion has accepted a one-year suspension, retroactive to Nov. 10, 2017, meaning he’ll be able to return to competition on Nov. 10 of this year. The news was first reported by ESPN.com.

Silva spoke to MMAFighting about the case:

At any point, over the past nine months, did you lose confidence that you would be able to prove your innocence?

No, because I have everything I used. Every supplement, every test. I’ve done a number of doping tests and I had my conscience clear. Thank God everything was solved, and now I can move on and continue (fighting).

Did your previous doping case help you in that sense, because you kept everything you have used in case you had to run tests?

The difference is that this time I was surrounded by a team that was truly professional. Lawyers, an entire medical staff here in the United States. We gave all the information we had to USADA and really cleared this situation, something that didn’t happen in the past. It wasn’t clear before. Anyway, that’s in the past, let’s think ahead now. Everything was cleared, and thank God I will be able to come back as soon as possible.

USADA statement reads:

USADA announced today that Anderson Silva, of Palo Verdes, Calif., has accepted a one-year sanction for his second anti-doping violation after testing positive for prohibited substances from a contaminated supplement.

Silva, 43, is the fourth athlete to accept a sanction under the UFC Anti-Doping Policy as a result of a positive test caused by the use of contaminated supplements purchased from a Brazilian compounding pharmacy. Unlike retail pharmacies and drugstores, which receive their drug inventories from commercial manufacturers, compounding pharmacies prepare their medications onsite according to specifications contained in a written prescription. In this instance, the compounding pharmacy also produced and sold nutritional supplements. Although athletes competing in the UFC are repeatedly warned that supplements are risky and frequently contain substances not listed on the label including prohibited, as well as, harmful drugs, the pharmacy that prepared Silva’s supplement marketed its products as a safe alternative to mass produced medications and supplements and also claimed to utilize manufacturing processes designed to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination.


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