AJ Agazarm Responds: Geo Is a B*tch For Life

AJ Agazarm Responds: Geo Is a B*tch For Life

Yesterday we announced Geo Martinez and Aj Agazarm grappling match up was on for Kasai 3. The whole match came after AJ Agazarm called out Joe Rogan and subsequently Eddie Bravo. Which Geo Martinez and Denny Prokopos took to heart.

Yesterday AJ wrote:

Match w/Geo
-If he loses, he renounces Eddie Bravo/10th Planet
-150 lbs
-15min sub only -See you @ KASAI
in NY
August 18th!!!


Geo responded:

This match is definitely going down at @kasaigrappling but I don’t let my opponent determine the stipulations so don’t let this clown fool y’all.


And AJ was quick to respond:

You ALREADY AGREED to the terms.
If you’re too stupid to go back & read your own posts, have someone do it for you. You GOT this match by agreeing to leave 10th Planet/Bravo if you lose.
Pressure getting to you, my back-walking little BTCH?
Come LOSE and LEAVE like a MAN
Backing out now only makes you my BFL*
*”Btch For Life”


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