AJ Agazarm: “I Would Like To Face Kron Gracie. Our Styles Match Up Well.”



AJ Agazarm shared his thoughts on facebook page, about the ADCC where he face Leo Vieira, the fact that the live stream was poor, and his wish to face Kron Gracie:

“Want to know what I really thought after the ADCC? I’ve heard nothing but negativity regarding the quality of the live stream especially considering the price. It’s beyond me why they didn’t chose to use budovideos.com this year especially considering the incredible show they put on in England and the awesome DVD series I personally have been watching and I know as have many of you. Budo is our industries leading media coverage and anytime they are involved, it makes quite an impact on the quality of the event and institutes growth within our sport. Look at IBJJF and the coverage provided for its major competitions. With the event having been held in China this proposed a huge opportunity. How would any one that wasn’t attending, be able to watch? Coverage for those not able to attend really should have been their number priority and it was not. The live stream was horrible and at often times just filmed an empty mat space. That really did a disservice to our fans and the opportunity for new people to see this event. Instead, we will have to resort to low quality YouTube videos that we will hae to scour the internet for. Another thing Budo brought to the table that we didn’t have was post-fight final interviews. It’s always great to hear the thoughts and words of the champions post a major victory.

On another note, the event didn’t seem right with the absence of the voice and presence of Tony Torres. How can anyone not get pumped up hearing this guy announce? At least he pronounces all of our athletes names correctly.

Now that the event has come and gone there are things that are still subsiding.. The thought of not getting past the quarterfinal match is still echoing in my head and not because I lost, but because I left it in the hands of the judges. Although many saw me as the winner in that match, I can’t help but be disappointed in myself not because I didn’t win the ref decision, but because I didn’t do more than enough to get past my opponent without having to rely on a referee decision ending in my favor. I’m always trying to out due myself and be better than my best and this time I felt my performance could have been better. I don’t think I’m being too hard on myself because in my experience this sort of thinking has always pushed me to greater heights.

What I was REALLY hoping for was the matchup between myself and Kron. I think our styles match up well and it would have made for an exciting match for the fans. Now I hear he’s pulled out from the expo event and getting out of the Jiu Jitsu scene while he is on top. Smart move, but it still will be a match I would like to have. Kron brings the pressure and fire to a match…ingredients that I appreciate the most.”