ADCC Finals Result, Gordon Ryan Wins Gold Defeating Nicky Rod by Submission

ADCC Finals Result, Gordon Ryan Wins Gold Defeating Nicky Rod by Submission

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Gordon Ryan -750 vs Andre Galvao

Winner: Gordon Ryan by submission (rear naked choke).

An early double leg takedown by Galvão started off the festivities, but Ryan was able to sweep and put a ton of pressure on Galvao’s guard.

Ryan was able to transition to Galvão’s back and, after hand-fighting,  submitted Galvao with a rear naked.


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400pm 99+ Gordon Ryan -650 vs Nicky Rodriguez +300.

Winner: Gordon Ryan by submission (heel hook)

420pm -99 Kaynan Duarte -155 vs Craig Jones +100.

Winner: Kaynan Duarte 12:0.

440pm -88 Lucas Barbosa -155 vs Giancarlo Bodoni +100

Winner Ginacarlo Bodoni by Submission 9-0.

500pm -77 Kade Ruotolo +100 vs Mica Galvao -155

Winner Kade Ruotolo by submission foot lock.

520pm -66 Gabriel Souza +100 vs Diogo Reis -155

Winner Dio Reis 3-0.

520pm 60 Ffion Davies -155 vs Brianna Ste-Marie +100

Winner Brianna Ste Marie 10-0.

600pm +60kg Rafaela Guedes -155 vs Amy Campo +100

Winner Amy Campo 3-2.

620pm to 745pm Open Division

Yuri Simoes vs Nicholas Meregali

Winner Yuri Simoes.

Tye Ruotolo who had lost in the first round to his teammate Josh Hinger, made it all the way on to the podium at absolute taking 3rd place. Tye submitted Pedro Marinho with a rear naked choke, and beat Felipe Pena on points. Tye would lose to +99 kg bronze medalist Nicholas Meregali by referee division.

In the open weight final, Meregali faced two-time ADCC champ Yuri Simoes.
In a very close match, Simoes via negative points because of Meregali’s guard pulls.


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