Aaron “Tex” Johnson Accused Of Rape – Kicked Out of Unity

Aaron “Tex” Johnson Accused Of Rape – Kicked Out of Unity

Aaron “Tex” Johnson’s days at Unity have come to an end after startling accusations against him surfaced from  fellow Unity bjj student.

The incident in question took place around the same time as Kasai 5 where Felipe Pena got subbed by the alleged assaulter.

NY based artist Jennifer Strings wrote a graphic post about Tex’s alleged misdeeds – which actually line up with his weird entry to rehab.

In addition to this Unity BJJ has kicked him out after the victim went to gym staff:

Strings has since taken her accusation offline due to a pending criminal case against Tex – one she is quite determined to see through.

As of right now Johnson is invited to ADCC being one of the American trials winners but should he be prevented from making travel arrangements ADCC will likely issue one more invite for his division.

Among the particularly worrisome is that the victim believes this is not the first time Johnson had sexually assaulted somebody and is urging all people with any information to come forward and contact the NY Special Victims Unit.


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