A Michael Jackson Impersonator Gets in Altercation & Puts Guy in a Bulldog Choke

A Michael Jackson Impersonator Gets in Altercation & Puts Guy in a Bulldog Choke

It’s not easy being a Michael Jackson impersonator in Las Vegas especially when you have hecklers who want to fight you. This is what happened recently when a dude tried to square up with a Michael Jackson impersonator with martial arts skills and finds out he messed with the wrong dude.

The Jiu-Jitsu Michael Jackson quickly took to the ground with a foot sweep.

From there, the King of Pop proceeds to mount position then to side mount and executes a bulldog choke on the man, rendering him incapacitated.

The crowd started screaming “Get him Mike!”.

Jacko holds him in the choke until he taps out and lets him go.

The older man seems to want to continue fighting.

Someone really said, “Annie, are you okay? Are you okay, Annie?”


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The bulldog choke is a glorified headlock. It is historically rare to see it in an MMA or BJJ fight but with the right set up can be extremely effective.
It was seen three times in the UFC 181. Carlos Newton, Uriah Faber and Raquel Pennington all used the bulldog choke to finish their opponents.

Here is a great No Gi Set Up followed by a great Gi set up by coral belt Marcus Soares:

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