A Judo Black Belt’s 5 Tips for Cross Training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

A Judo Black Belt’s 5 Tips for Cross Training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Judo is fairly fierce. Most judoka who opt to switch to bjj excel their transition through the belt ranking – Travis Stevens notably accomplished rank of bjj black belt in as long as 18 months under Renzo Gracie Academy.

Judo Instructor Idean “Dean” Salehyan recently gave some good tips for judo black belts looking to transition to bjj

Stevens: ‘Top Judoka Would Be More Successful in BJJ Than Top BJJ Player in Judo’

* You think you know it all because you’ve achieved a black belt but a black though it’s just really the start of a journey. You kind of have to swallow that pride a little bit recognize the areas where you don’t know anything.

* Come into it with fresh eyes

* If you want to get better at judo newaza – you’re better off doing judo newaza. Do it because you genuinely want to learn this new thing

* Don’t rely so much on your takedowns in if you’re in a school that that starts standing – you can sort of end up starting from the dominant position in every roll

What Happens To Your BJJ Game When Cross-Training in Judo

* Get comfortable on your back

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