9 Things You May Not Know About The BJJ Black Belt

9 Things You May Not Know About The BJJ Black Belt


Written by Alessandro Capodeferro, 2nd degree black belt, team leader of EBJJ in Bragança Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil.




1. No one can be a black belt in jiu jitsu before 19 years of age. You can only be promoted to black belt by a black belt INSTRUCTOR with a minimum of 2 degrees.

2. After three years of receiving the black belt, the athlete may request the 1st degree. They must have their degree registered and recognized by IBJJF.

3. After 3 years of the 1st degree, the black belt may apply for the 2nd degree and after over three years with 2nd degree they may request the 3rd degree. NOW A 3rd DEGREE BLACK BELT, YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 9 YEARS AT BLACK BELT!

4. After five years with the 3rd degree at black belt, They may apply for the 4th degree. After over five years with the 4th degree they may apply for the 5th degree and after over five years, they may apply for the 6th degree NOW A 6TH DEGREE BLACK BELT, THEY MUST HAVE AT LEAST 24 YEARS AT BLACK BELT!

5. After 7 years the black belt may apply for the the 7th degree and then the belt will become red and black (coral belt). NOW A CORAL BELT, THEY MUST HAVE AT LEAST 31 YEARS AT BLACK BELT!

6. After 7 years as red and black belt, THE  7th degree may apply for the 8th degree, and the red and white belt. NOW A RED AND WHITE BELT HAS AT LEAST 38 YEARS AT BLACK BELT!

8. After 10 years as a red and white belt, the 8th degree may apply for the 9th degree and red belt. NOW A 9TH DEGREE RED BELT HAS AT LEAST 48 YEARS SINCE THEY RECEIVED THE BLACK BELT!

9. The tenth degree red belt is limited to the Jiu-Jitsu pioneers: Carlos, Oswaldo, George, Gastao and Helio Gracie, known as Gracie brothers.





Some Gracies (Helio side), follow the 2 years for each degree rule which is different to the IBJJF rules of minimum 3 years for each degree.

However in this video, Helio says that he gives a person degrees according to efficiency instead of years active:

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