8 Best Fat Burning Foods To Boost Your Jiu-Jitsu Performance

8 Best Fat Burning Foods To Boost Your Jiu-Jitsu Performance

Have you ever wished that eating right would help you lose weight? Combined with regular BJJ training, these super foods will help you shed the pounds and become a better grappler.

There is however no magic pill. A healthy diet is imperative. Here are first some diet guidelines.

Being at a caloric deficit does not mean that you have to starve yourself or eat an incredibly low calorie diet. Just gradually cut your daily intake over time.
You can either eat fewer calories or you can eat the same amount of calories and increase your activity level to burn more calories.

When you’re cutting your calories, you should still be having enough protein. Focus on good quality lean protein such as chicken, turkey, lean beef, fish, eggs.
Add some vegetables like broccoli (high in protein).

Your body uses carbohydrates for fuel but do not cut carbohydrates all at once. You should slowly start to reduce theyour carb intake. That way you will slowly cut the fat without losing muscle.
Go for healthy carb option such as Quinoa (high in protein) instead of rice for example.
As a rule of thumb: eat a lot of lean meats such as fish and chicken, drink lots of water, don’t overdue the carbs, eat lots of vegetables and avoid sweets and alcohol.

At night when your metabolism slows down, carbs are stored as fat. So make your dinner a low carb meal.


Combined with regular BJJ training, these super foods will help you shed the pounds.

8.Almonds and other nuts 


A new study, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, revealed that consuming almonds helps a person in burning away belly fat, in addition to protecting against heart diseases.

The study by researchers from Penn State University found that consuming almonds daily also led to improved levels of low-density lipoproteins and total cholesterol, reductions in waistlines and decreased amounts of leg fat.

How to eat: Almonds are a great as a snack. You can also chop them finely and add them to oatmeal or yogurt.



Sweet pear

Sweet pear

Why you need them: Pack the fruit bowl with pears if you want to lose pounds, reports a study out of the University of Rio de Janeiro. In the study, which was published in the journal Nutrition, those who ate three pears a day consumed fewer total daily calories and lost more weight than those who didnt. Rich in fiber (one pear packs 15% of your daily recommended amount), pears help you feel full and keep you from overeating.

How to eat: Eat a pear before a meal to help curb hunger. Eat the skin for finer.





eggsEggs are a complete source of protein, which means they contain a complete count of the essential amino acids. The white of the egg provides more than half of the protein; the yolk supplies the rest of the protein, the fat and most of the calories. Eat eggs in moderation, and substitute two egg whites for each whole egg to reduce fat, calories and cholesterol.




5.Dark Chocolate

dark-chocolate-10-daily-habits-blast-belly-fatIf you’re trying to lose weight, no doubt you’ve been told to stay away from chocolate. Dark chocolate has benefits such as helping with weight loss, stabilizing blood sugar, controlling appetite and reducing cravings. It also tends to improve your mood, curbing your desire to consume comfort foods. Dark chocolate may help prevent the accumulation of fat cells in the body, a precursor to heart disease and obesity, according to new research from Taiwan published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry.




acaiBerries–strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, acai, aronia, cherries improve satiety, prevent cravings. They are a big source of phytochemicals, compounds found in plants that can improve your health and decrease your risk for certain diseases. They also contain fiber, which can help lower cholesterol levels.
Dr. Nicholas Perricone, who frequently appears on Oprah, lists acai as his favorite superfood. It is a berry from a palm tree in the Amazon, which a slight chocolate taste. He ranks it so high because it is full of antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids.


3.Lean meats
lean-meat-fat-burning-foodBuild muscle, strengthen immune system. Including meat in a well-balanced diet is a way to get a sufficient amount of high-quality protein. You don’t need to give up meat just because you’re trying to lose weight. The key is to stick with lean meats because they contain less total fat, as well as lower amounts of saturated fats.

If you need to lose weight, you would be well advised to eat lean meat. It contains a significant amount of protein, which increases your metabolism and makes you feel full. Moreover, lean meat has a low content of fat and carbohydrate. Lean cuts of pork, beef, veal, chicken and turkey all have a high protein content with correspondingly less carbohydrates and fat.



does-grapefruit-burn-fat-for-weight-lossAccording to a 2006 study published in the “Journal of Medicinal Food,” eating half a grapefruit before a meal three times a day is associated with significant weight loss. Groups of obese individuals were assigned to eat half a grapefruit, drink 8 ounces of grapefruit juice, take a grapefruit capsule or take a placebo capsule. The fresh grapefruit, grapefruit juice and grapefruit capsule groups reported greater weight loss after 12 weeks than the placebo group, suggesting that certain components of grapefruit facilitate weight loss and fat loss.
1.Green tea


green-teaGreen tea can aid in weight-loss efforts by reducing appetite and boosting metabolism.

According to another study published in an issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea has been shown to activate the body’s thermogenic fat-burning activity. In this study, an optimal amount of catechins (690 mg) ingested for 12 weeks significantly reduced the subjects’ total fat area, waist circumference, skinfold thickness and subcutaneous fat area!


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