7 Tips For Getting Your BJJ Purple Belt Promotion

7 Tips For Getting Your BJJ Purple Belt Promotion

Going from blue to the purple belt is not an easy task. Sure, you could’ve received your blue belt just on the basis of consistency, but if your purple belt is going to be worth anything… You’ll have to earn it.
But how to do that? Here are 7 tips for getting your BJJ purple belt.



Tip #1: develop a deeper understanding of techniques and principles. If you want to become a BJJ purple belt, then just drilling the techniques shown by your instructor won’t be enough.
Rather, you’ve got to start doing your own research and stop being reliant on the instructor.

Tip #2: develop your game. Your Jiu-Jitsu game doesn’t (and won’t) have to be perfect. But as you’re approaching the purple color around your waist, you need to become serious about developing it.

Tip #3: do not be afraid to fail. Just because something’s worked before doesn’t mean that you should stick to it forever. To improve, you’ll have to try new stuff out and fail at them (a lot) – so go for it!

Tip #4: you need a higher level of execution. Sure, having a sloppy Armbar might be alright when you’re a blue belt… But if you’re going to be a purple belt worth their salt, then doing techniques in a sloppy, rough manner will not take you far.

Tip #5: time on the mat. Yes, there’s no going around it: you’ll need to spend time training. Showing up sporadically will be detrimental to your progress – so be and stay consistent.

Tip #6: imposing your will. When you’re at a BJJ purple belt level, you’ll be able to impose your will on the vast majority of white and a big number of blue belts. Be aware of that. And start working towards that ideal.

Tip #7: a mindset shift. To become a purple belt, you have to stop focusing on “just” techniques and principles. Instead, you’ve go to start thinking about learning things in a better way. In a more efficient way.
In other words, you’ve got to become aware of how you walk the BJJ journey – and how to improve your stride.