6X ADCC Vet Shows Luta Livre Style Flying Guillotine

6X ADCC Vet Shows Luta Livre Style Flying Guillotine

Guillotines are a quite interesting submissions. While some avoid them due to compromising position, others accelerate using them. Many beginners quote guillotine as the first submission to ever “click” for them but as with everything in bjj there’s plenty of intricate details involved including variations.

Luta Livre, the Brazilian No Gi grappling art that comes from Catch Wrestling has an interesting approach to Guillotines which differs from BJJ.

Luta Livre black belt Nicolas Renier is arguably the most accomplished No Gi Grappler in Europe, having been Fila World Grappling champion, and being the only European to participate in 6 ADCCs. He teaches in Paris, in his club called NRFight Club.

Here is what Niolas Renier has to say about Luta Livre and how it differs from No Gi Jiu-Jitsu:

Luta Livre is a combat sport in its own right, it has a history, its own techniques, an international federation with grades … It can be practiced in kimono pants or shorts with a rash guard. I find Luta Livre really effective, it goes straight to the goal which is to submit, we are not trying to adopt the set format from BJJ​​ which is pass the guard, stabilize cross position, take the mount … We always try to surprise the opponent by going where he does not expect.

Training Report: Luta Livre, NR Fight Club in Paris, France


Nicolas made this interesting video showing how to set up a flying guillotine from a guard passing position:

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