65 kg Japanese Judo Champ Takes on 180kg BJJ White Belt with 1,5 Years Experience

65 kg Japanese Judo Champ Takes on 180kg BJJ White Belt with 1,5 Years Experience

Jiu-Jitsu is truly known for being the martial that favorizes the smaller, weaker practitioner against the bigger one… We have seen so many times the David vs Goliath match ups. Examples that come to mind at the highest level are Rooster weight Caio Terra winning an IBJJJF tournament open class where he defeated the Ultra Heavy Bruno Bastos in the final. Another example is Rooster weight Bruno Malfacine also winning the open class at IBJJF Atlanta open where he defeated the high level super heavyweight Guybson Sa (who himself defeated in the past Buchecha and Rodolfo Vieira).

Other notable examples:

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But what about when a 65 kg Japanese national Judo champion faces a 180kg white belt with 1,5 year experience in BJJ?

Judo black belt Ryo Kawabata wanted to test himself and he did so by facing ‘Big Joe’, a huge American who lives and trains in Japan. Kawabata has a world class Judo pedigree, including winning the All Japan Judo Championship Championship by weight, winning the European Open, and defeating Olympic medalist Takafuji twice. Can a person who has mastered Judo defeat a gentle giant like big Joe?

They are fighting in BJJ rules, to the submission.

Let’s see what happens (fight starts from 6:40 min) :

No matter how you look at it, being a smaller grappler isn’t the easiest thing, but it’s not impossible either. Know how to properly function and read your opponent will only pay off in the long run, and will help chop larger grapplers down to size.

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