6 Street Jiu-Jitsu Chokes That Everyone Should Master

6 Street Jiu-Jitsu Chokes That Everyone Should Master

The latest edition of Gracie Breakdown brings us an interesting compilation of 6 chokes necessary for any and all kinds of street confrontations.

It has been widely disputed that gi training isn’t optimal for street self defense however there are some large arguments in the pro column as well.

Clothes are always a factor in an altercation whether we like it or not.

This latest special edition of Gracie Breakdown brings us the Gracie brothers, Rener and Ryron demonstrating the 6 most important chokes everyone should know.

Mastering these in a gi would only help and they’re certifiably viable in most altercations! To check out the top list press play below.

Improvised baseball choke:


T shirt crosschoke:


Hoodie choke


To check out the rest of the list press play below


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