6 Reasons CBD Oil is Great for Grapplers

6 Reasons CBD Oil is Great for Grapplers

Cannabidiol, the main active ingredient in CBD, has a range of medical properties that make it the perfect workout supplement, especially for guys (and ladies) involved in martial arts. Hemp oil has gained much attention as a multi-purpose alternative treatment because of its wide range of effects in the body and mind. At CBD Central we have gathered quite a lot of data on how CBD enhances performance. For the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on how CBD can improve performance in martial arts:

Improves Digestion

For those not familiar with marijuana, one of the most common effects of THC is high appetite, which some people have raised concerns about – due to the inherent risk of weight gain. However, it hasn’t been proved that using any cannabis product, including CBD and THC, can cause a person to be overweight. What we do know is that cannabis generates powerful antioxidant effects in the body, and due to an interaction with the endocannabinoid system, it has also been shown to reduce nausea, vomiting, acidity, and gastrointestinal inflammation.

For an athlete who follows a strict eating regimen, it means there’s almost zero chance of experiencing constipation, gas, inflammation, or pain. Nutrient absorption is increased significantly, which leaves you with higher energy levels. Keep in mind that food absorption can play a big role in your ability to maintain focus, high energy, and a positive mood – all of which affect your skills.

Increases Metabolism & Burns Fat

Another way CBD benefits martial artists is by increasing the number of mitochondria in the cells and boosting the activity therein. These are subtle changes that cause the body to burn more calories during a workout session. Combined with a higher metabolic rate you will have what’s needed to mold your body into a stronger, faster, and flexible fighting machine.

Even though the actual science behind this effect is complicated, we can mention one factor called “fat browning,” that involves the transformation of white adipose tissue into more active brown fatty tissue that assists with energy conversion. A higher metabolic rate is just one of the ways that CBD leads to fat loss and improved performance.

Helps Decrease Appetite

CBD, unlike the psychoactive compound THC, suppresses your appetite, making you feel fuller with fewer calories. When taken regularly as part of a broader fitness regime, CBD can be used to manage hunger and lead to fewer calories consumed every day. A healthy appetite can sometimes get in the way of progress, which is why it’s essential to manage your eating habits early on in your training. However, this shouldn’t be confused with unhealthy cases of low appetite, some of which warrant a medical evaluation. CBD helps you manage your appetite in a way that enables you to improve your eating habits and strengthen your workout in the long-term.

Relieves Anxiety & Stress

We’ve mentioned how CBD improves digestion and reduces the occurrence of stomach upsets, but now we’re going to look at how cannabidiol affects the mind. One study involving nine volunteers showed that 600mg of CBD oil, when taken every day, reduces resting systolic blood pressure and maintains heart rate within normal parameters. One of the ways this happens is through the release of certain compounds that have anti-anxiety effects such as endorphins, serotonin, and anandamide, all of which reduce stress and tension in the body.

To balance the hormones through the endocannabinoid network, CBD enhances the release of certain compounds and blocks messages sent through brain receptors that are known to cause stress (e.g., cortisol). At the same time, specific brain receptors through the CB1 and CB2 networks are triggered to encourage positive feelings and minimize anxiety.

Lowers Blood Glucose Levels

Insulin dysfunction is the root upon which blood sugar disorders appear. In the case of type 2 diabetes, some of the effects may be easier to manage through a mechanism that occurs in the pancreas when CBD is present. When CB1 receptors are activated, one of the effects that follow is a normalization of insulin function, which can help to reduce soaring blood sugar levels. The impact on blood sugar has been studied extensively and results published in many health journals including the American Journal of Medicine, which published a detailed piece in 2013 that analyzed how cannabis affects people with insulin resistance. According to their research, regular use of cannabis led to at least 16% reduced insulin resistance and a 17% reduction in fasting insulin levels. Overall, CBD was found to improve insulin function without any complications.

Reduces Joint Pains & Arthritis

The effects of CBD on pain and inflammation are well documented. As a pain reliever, CBD acts on brain receptors that cause pain and reduce pain signals while also increasing hormones not associated with pain. By preventing inflammation, it also increases mobility for arthritis patients and allows them to experience a higher quality of life. When used moderately as a supplement, CBD can improve your strength, mental focus, reduce anxiety, and give you a better experience as a martial artist.   

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