6 Realistic Ways To Set Up a Powerful Osotogari Throw in Competition by Vladislav Koulikov

6 Realistic Ways To Set Up a Powerful Osotogari Throw in Competition by Vladislav Koulikov

Vladislav Koulikov is a world renowned sambist having placed 3x in the USA open and represented USA in Combat Sambo worlds in 2008. In addition to this he has competed and won several NAGA and Grapplers Quest tournaments.

Vlad Koulikov is a Master in Sambo, Judo black belt and BJJ black belt.

Vlad shows us how to synthesize Sambo for grappling and BJJ. It’s simple – but effective.

Osotogari is a highly popular and powerful throw in Judo, Sambo and BJJ. It is classified as a foot technique, Ashi-Waza.

The problem is that the classic way that it is usually is NOT the way that it is set up in competition.

Vladislav Koulikov start the video by explaining how it’s normally taught. However it doesn’t translate well to competition. Just watch the footage of the Osoto specialists doing the throw while competing. Vlad goes over 6 very reliable variations to make the throw successful.

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