6 High Percentage Ways To Escape a Triangle Submission

6 High Percentage Ways To Escape a Triangle Submission

There are many ways to counter a triangle choke. There is the early escape, the middle escape and the late ‘Hail Mary’ escape.

Saulo Ribeiro explains about how to escape from your opponent’s triangle submission that you need good posture and by cutting at an angle, you can apply pressure on our opponent in a way to force open the legs.

It’s important to be patient when escaping from the triangle and to position your body before backing out and away from your opponent.

BJJ black belt Eli Knight shows 6 high percentage triangle escapes.

These options are the best counters and preventative measures that he’s come across over the years from different instructors and of course from getting caught in plenty of triangles himself (that’s how you learn).

Knight shows these 6 options:

• Early Escape
• Step Through Triangle Counter
• Stack to Posture Triangle Counter
• Bulldog Escape
• Late Escape
The Hail Mary Escape

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