6 Best Tips On How To Push Yourself To Make The Most Of Every Training

6 Best Tips On How To Push Yourself To Make The Most Of Every Training

Doing bjj daily or almost every day is a necessity if you’re serious about the gentle art. But as with any activity done daily there are variations in how well you receive instructions and how you apply your training at any given moment.

When it comes to results it’s not necessarily how much time you spend in a gym but also how effectively you spend it.

Be In The Moment

A lot of the time the class will cover something that doesn’t suit your body build or your game play. But this doesn’t mean it’s open season on clock watching and zoning out. Make the most of every instruction and if you’re determined something isn’t right for your playbook, give some real thought into defense as your work out partner practices. This doesn’t mean providing resistance so much as anticipating developments from that specific situation.


Consider The Butterfly Effect 


Small causes can have great effect. If you keep showing up things will add up in your game and you will greatly benefit. Sure, sometimes it’s hard to spot the exact change as it happens but time will bring you to all the right conclusion and provide ample evidence of improvement. Granted, some days you’re a windshield sometimes you’re the bug but every moment counts.


Embrace The Lifestyle


The results aren’t easy to accomplish but it always helps doing small things in and outside the gym that will help you longterm. It’s as simple as eating well, avoiding unhealthy choices and monitoring your sleep!


Train Like Every Eye Is Fixed On You – ALL THE TIME

Many times students watch for their instructor’s eye in the moment of triumph. Or similarly to see if they’ve spotted the failures. Instead of trying to present yourself in select moments cultivate a mindset that will allow you to always keep grinding an asserting yourself.

In words of Marcelo Garcia: “If you want to win, you need to get better. To get better you have to try to risk most of the time but what a better place to risk then in the gym. We have to risk everything”



Believe In Yourself


Regardless of your goal, self belief is paramount to succeed. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to to lose some weight or become champion of the world. You need to Know deep in your heart that what you’re doing is getting you one step closer to the goal.


Set Realistic Goals


Pop culture would have us believe that by aiming for the stars we reach the Moon but Psychology offers scientific evidence to the contrary. Setting a very unattainable goal is equal to giving yourself permission to quit given that you’ve never truly believed you can accomplish it in the first place! So yes, ambitious goal is a yes but not so far that it’s something impossible. A goal needs to motivate you not make you question what you’re doing in the first place.