5 World Class Omoplata Setups by Clark Gracie

5 World Class Omoplata Setups by Clark Gracie

The omoplata may be the most underrated submission in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It is not utilized often at the highest levels of bjj but it is an excellent submission. We have seen omoplata’s executed in bjj and MMA before but they are not used as frequently as other submissions such as the kimura, the arm bar, or the triangle. Why is this?

There seems to be a common misconception among the bjj community that the omoplata is ineffective or that it is not a high percentage submission. This is a problematic ideology because it stunts the growth of bjj when this type of attitude is spread. Lucky for us there have been a few people that have experimented with the omoplata and brought many innovations to the position.

The omoplata has been used successfully at the pinnacle of Jiu Jitsu competitions by Bernardo Faria where he secured the open class Black Belt Pan-American Championship gold with an omoplata in 2010, Clark Gracie has used this position to submit many high level practitioners, and Dominyka Obeleyente, an open class and weight female black belt world champion is infamous for her domoplata.

Part of what makes the omoplata such a good position is the lack of knowledge on it, many people neglect this submission and don’t understand the mechanics of it so if you take the time to learn this position you will have an upper hand on a lot of people and can keep it in your back pocket. The other advantage is that the omoplata is an excellent sweep, it is almost like a guard, and it is also an excellent counter and move from bottom position or top.

Here are 5 world class omoplata set ups by omoplata Master Clark Gracie.

Clark Gracie is a second-degree black belt under his father Carley Gracie. He is a Pan American and World Master champion in the middleweight division. He was awarded the No-Gi Submission of the year award from Flo Grappling for his epic Pretzel-plata finish. ♣️ This breakdown will emphasize 5 different setups used by Clark Gracie in competition.

The 5 World Class Omoplata Setups:

► Overhook

► Armbar bait

► Backwards Roll Sweep Bait

►Lasso Invert

►X-Guard Back Step


So there you have it, the omoplata is the submission that you have been missing in your arsenal of attacks. It is one of those secret weapons that are worth working on. Since many people don’t do them a lot of people are not familiar with the mechanics of the position and you can take advantage of this.

Master the OMOPLATA–the submission that can be your new favorite position.

  • You might not look like Clark Gracie, but your omoplatas will be the best-looking part of your game.
  • SWEEP them when they’re defending the SUBMISSION and SUBMIT them when they’re defending the SWEEP.