5 Ways You Can Prevent Joint Pain While Exercising

5 Ways You Can Prevent Joint Pain While Exercising
Working out is vital to one’s health, but it can be a difficult practice for one to keep up with consistently if they suffer from joint pain. Joint pain in many cases can be excessive and unrelenting—keeping it under control while exercising helps people to have better more effective workouts and in turn a better quality of life.
If this is something that you struggle with then keep reading to learn about some helpful tips that will help you to exercise at peak performance while mitigating the pain in your joints.
  1. Choose Low-Impact Exercises

Some forms of exercise are more strenuous on your joint than others.
For example, the repetitive pounding motion of running can be extremely tough on your knees and ankles. Whereas swimming and biking are great ways to get your cardio in that supply much less pressure on your joints.
Swimming is especially gentle because the water makes it so that you do not need to support all of your body weight on your own. This doesn’t mean that you can never run. It just may be a good idea to not run every single day and instead mix in some of these other exercise methods.

Swimming has almost no impact on joints

  1. Warm Up and then Stretch

Making sure that your muscles are thoroughly warmed up will ensure that your joints endure less strain. Stretching also helps to keep your muscles relaxed and in turn protect your joints.
Warming up before you stretch helps to ensure that your whole body is ready to go and is at the least risk for injury. Stretching when you are warm is much more effective than stretching first when your muscles are cold.
  1. Make Sure You Utilize the Proper Footwear

It is ill-advised to wear shoes that do not give you the proper stability and support for strenuous activities.
You would never run a marathon in flip-flops, obviously, because they aren’t the right shoe for the job. But regular sneakers aren’t great either and the same principle applies. Ill-equipped shoes will aggravate your current joint problems and likely cause new ones to arise.
Make sure that you always wear shoes that are sturdy and strong with the best features for your chosen form of exercise. If budget allows, going to a specialty shoe store where they will thoroughly measure your feet, examine your step and where you put where your weight, and guide you to the type of shoe best for your feet and your chosen exercise is always the ideal way to go.
  1. Make Dietary Changes

Eating a healthy diet is important regardless of whether you have joint problems or not.
However, there may be certain foods that you can incorporate into your diet that have an anti-inflammatory effect that can explicitly help you to combat your joint issues.
Some examples are salmon, tuna, kale, spinach, and almonds. Many Mediterranean dishes feature many of these ingredients. You can also take Omega-3 fish oil supplements for a more direct impact.

Turmeric (the spice) is another known anti-inflammatory that you can work into your diet. There are lots of helpful anti-inflammatory foods out there, and adding them in, while maybe decreasing the foods that cause inflammation, will go a long way in bringing you some relief. You can use resources like Joint Health Guide to help you learn more about these and other food-based aids.

  1. Alternate Exercises

Do not spend too long working a single muscle group. The longer you work the same muscles the more likely they are to become sore and irritate your joints. If you alternate between upper body and lower body exercises, then you will be much more likely to end your workout pain-free. Additionally, all your muscles will receive attention and you will have a well-rounded, balanced physique.
Hopefully, these tips will help you to overcome your joint pain and embrace exercise as part of a daily routine for a healthy life. Joint pain is awful, but you don’t just have to take it. There are steps you can take, in addition to the ones mentioned above, to help you combat this aggravating condition.
The most important thing for you to remember is that you are not alone and that you do not just have to deal with the pain. There are things you can do to improve your life and reduce your pain. With a little research, dedication, and hard work you can reduce your pain dramatically and get back to living the life you always dreamed.

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