5 Top Exercises for A BJJ Strength Training

5 Top Exercises for A BJJ Strength Training

Are you interested in learning about the top exercises for BJJ Strength Training? Today, we’ll discuss the best exercises for BJJ Strength Training; without further ado, let’s get started!


  • The Hip Thrust 


According to TheGymGoat.com, If you want to improve your sports performance, then hip thrust is the best exercise. The hip thrust is a bridge with various BJJ applications, like armbar application, sweeps, takedowns, etc. It’s necessary to lift the weight off the hips whenever doing a bridge.

Perform the Basic Hip Thrust (2 Feet, No-Resistance)

All you need is a bench or a padded plyometrics box of height 12 to 16 inches, depends on your height. 

Sit straight on the floor with your feet on the ground about your hip width and should pointing straight. 

Lean your upper back on the bench, rest elbows along the bench sides, with fists clenched. 

Tuck chin and thrust up. Make sure you keep your spine straight line from knees to shoulders.

Single-Leg Hip thrust

Using your two legs with no weight could be a lot easy for you. You need to try something new. This single-leg hip thrust benefits in BJJ because you’re often stuck or hooking someone with a leg, resulting in bridging on your single leg.

Variation #1

You can use a resistance band to correct yourself. You can wrap this brand below or above your knees. This will introduce difficulty to your exercise by activating the smaller gluteal muscles.

  • Put feet on the ground around your hip width and make sure pointing straight. 
  • Now wrap the resistance band above or below the knees.
  • Thrust your glutes up at the top.

Variation #2

  • With this variation, you’ll get a big and maximum contract at the top.
  • You need to start the same way. Put your feet on the ground around hip-width.
  • Pass resistance band over the waist. If you’ve a hip thruster, hook it up, rather use dumbbells to hold the thruster down.
  • Now thrust and squeeze your glutes up and hold the last rep for almost 5 secs.

Variation #3

  • Are you ready to move forward to add 2 bands together? Let’s get start!
  • Start the same way, wrap the resistance band over the waist.
  • Use heavy kettlebells, and thrust up glutes.


  • Dumbbell Hip Thrust


Variation #1 

If you find it tough to do 20 reps of this exercise with body weight, it’s recommended not to add weights in the workout. Instead, use less weight and increase reps; this will be helpful. However, if you’re all set to challenge this exercise, then:

  • Start with the same position, but add a dumbbell on your lap this time.
  • You need your elbows off the bench, so you can easily support the dumbbell. 

Variation #2

  • This variation mimics most of the sport-specific aspect of BJJ. For instance, you’re actually bridging someone up swiftly and require to push him overhead.
  • Follow the same starting position, hold the dumbbell on a lap.
  • Burst up, squeeze glutes, hold this position for a second, and then bring it down. 


  • The Alternating Base Row


For this exercise, you would require to develop a good hip hinge. This will work on lats and back and will help you maintain a good posture. 

How to Do It?

  • You require to step back into a posture (a reserve lunge)
  • Now shift torso in your forward direction, so chest and shoulder line perfectly closer to the knee.
  • Now make your fist, and create tension, keep your eyes gazing at the 45 degree
  • Perform lunges while keeping the heel on the floor. 



  • The ‘B Stance’ Squat


This puts you in the same position as a low wrestling stance. However, if you can generate the

This exercise is specific to bilateral squat for those experiencing pain while performing bilateral exercises. 

How to do it?

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart. 
  • Now line your toes to the back foot with the heel of the front foot. 
  • Now turn your hip with your body focusing forward
  • Make sure to keep elbows in, and your back must be straight. 
  • Now squat down. 


  • The Half Turkish Getup with Kettlebell


It’s the first half of Turkish get-up with kettlebell; it will help you create a frame off the ground.

How to do it?

  • This exercise is super similar to the technical one standup motion
  • You need to start with a posture the same as the one you were about to bridge out of the mount.
  • Turn on leg and knee in slight so the force will go in the direction you want. 
  • Now turn your other leg out; this position will allow you to sit up with your hips.
  • Now use a hand, and it’s time to rock up the elbow.
  • Get ready to bridge up, and take the knee back. 
  • Repeat this with the other side.
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