5 Tips To Never Miss Another Flight Again

5 Tips To Never Miss Another Flight Again

It can be notably difficult to make a flight these days. With new regulations for travel and security arising in every country, missing a flight is becoming more and more frequent, rising from 5% just two years ago to 15% of people reporting to have missed their flight in 2018. While some reasons for missing a flight are unavoidable, many people miss their flights due to a simple lack of organization.


There are five distinct steps you can take to make sure that you increase your chances of never missing another flight again.

Write It Down

While it is admirable to remember every detail of your life, our brains are not infallible. The physical act of writing down a timetable increases your chances of, not only remembering it, but sticking to it. Having a blank calendar collection is extremely helpful in this situation. Blank calendar pages function as a low-cost planner that will keep all of your appointments organized…and help you to break your reliance on your smartphone.

Be Ready

While it seems like a common suggestion, being ready is one of the top ways to increase your chances of making your flight. Begin packing days in advance and have a plan. Write down what you will need on your calendar and check it off the list as you pack it. Make sure that you have your passport or any other identification you may need to make sure that you have no snags in getting on your flight. While it may seem silly to be living out of your suitcase 48 hours before your vacation, it will make sure that you are ready to grab your bag and walk out the door the day of your trip.


Have An Agenda…Before You Leave

Before you even start packing, write down an agenda for the week of your flight. On your calendar, list the things that you need to do to make sure you are packed and on time for your trip. Whether that’s printing the boarding passes or buying a bathing suit for the beach, write down everything that you feel you have left to accomplish and what day you intend to do it.


Are you traveling with a friend or family member? If you are, let them help you do some of the work! While it can be hard to let go and trust that someone else will take care of something for you, it will decrease your anxiety leading up to the flight. Have your partner print the boarding passes or book your taxi to take you to the airport. You can accomplish twice as much with the help from your travel companions.

On Time is Late

When it comes to airline timetables, being “on time” is not a luxury you can afford. Always arrive earlier than you think you need to for your flight. If your flight is at 7 a.m., write on your calendar that you need to be there between one and two hours earlier. This ensures that you can pick up any last minute boarding passes you need and can make it through security without delays the day of your flight.


While flying for travel can be a stressful adventure, it doesn’t have to be. Organization is key to having the best trip possible. Following these five steps can decrease your anxiety and make sure that you never miss your flight again.

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