5 Tips For BJJ Practitioners To Not Get Discouraged During Quarantine

5 Tips For BJJ Practitioners To Not Get Discouraged During Quarantine

Keeping your mental state positive during this quarantine period is a necessary attitude for BJJ players worldwide. We must strictly comply with the rules defined by the Ministry of Health and stay at home. That being said, we must also prepare for the hardships that life in quarantine can cause in the lives of Jiu-Jitsu fighters. A BJJ black belt and orthopedic doctor, Dr. Gunter Sgarboza analyzes for Graciemag five of these threats and presents antidotes for you, the confined reader, to devise strategies to overcome the problems and to remain firm and strong in the battle against coronavirus. Check it out!

1. Depression

“Staying indoors for many days is a difficult task even for a sedentary person, imagine for a Jiu-Jitsu fighter”, analyzes Gunter. “It’s like putting a lion in a cage. How to solve this? First step is to create a routine. Wake up early, exercise, list tasks that can be done at home and solve them. Take the opportunity, for example, to keep the house tidy and up to date. That is, stay active. Don’t be without a goal. Remember that you are not being punished, that isolation is for a greater good of mankind and in a little while, God willing, it will end! ”

2. Anxiety and loneliness

“Many suffer for the uncertain future. Keep in mind that we are all in the same boat, worldwide. The situation is complicated for everyone. Avoid watching unofficial news , some are false and others are exaggerated, opt for credible communication sources. Try to keep in touch with friends and family. If not in person, let it be by videoconference ”.

3. Body aches

“For those who train, standing still is complicated. Allied to the nervousness of the situation, the situation only worsens. One suggestion is to ask your teacher to take classes online, or make a video every day and post to your Jiu-Jitsu group on social networks. In addition to the gentle art movements, another great option is yoga. I, for example, will practice these modalities every day ”.

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4. Weight gain

“Be careful with your food, avoid alcoholic drinks and a lot of red meat. Remember, you are not on vacation, you can’t have a barbecue every day. Prefer light foods ”.

5. Loss of fitness

“The tips I gave for items 3 and 4 are for this one too. Detail, if you are a professional athlete or competitor, do not despair. As I said, although we are isolated, we are all in this together. When the pandemic is controlled, you will give training even more value and will certainly recover your fitness in an exemplary way ”.

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