5 Stages of The Body Lock Pass by Lachlan Giles

5 Stages of The Body Lock Pass by Lachlan Giles

If you’ve been following the pro BJJ scene, you may noticed many top grapplers having incredible success with a certain type of pass: The bodylock pass which is also known as the double over pass.

The Miyao brothers and heir instructor at Unity BJJ, Murilo Santana also uses that pass.

ADCC bronze medalist Lachlan Giles also made a detailed video showing how he passes the butterfly or open guard using the bodylock. Lachlan Giles is a world class competitor who holds submission victories over Kaynan Duarte, Aly, and Patrick Gaudio.

Lachlan Giles is one of the most accomplished Australian BJJ competitors and instructors and is also the coach and impetus behind Australian phenom Craig Jones’ meteoric rise to the top grappling stages.

In this BJJ Fundamentals video, Lachlan Giles explains the 5 stages of body lock pass techniques.

This is a clip off of his new instructional series on the body lock.

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