4 Treadmill Exercises That Build Muscle and Make You Sweat

4 Treadmill Exercises That Build Muscle and Make You Sweat

Are you trying to lose weight, stay healthy, and get toned?

Treadmills are a great way to reach these goals!

If you frequently use a treadmill but wonder if you could use it to do more than get your 10,000 steps for the day, you’re in luck! With a little practice, treadmills can become a great place to work on all areas of your body! All you need is a treadmill and some balance!

Here are four treadmill exercises you can use to tone your body.

  1. Walking Lunges

For an exercise that tones your legs and glutes, turn your treadmill to a slow setting that you can keep up with. Step front with one foot and bend that leg until it’s at about a 90 degree angle to the floor. Return to your standing position and repeat with your other leg.

Feel free to hold onto your treadmill’s handrails for balance if you need it. If you master the lunges on a treadmill without needing assistance, try using dumbbells to tone your arms while you work your legs!

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  1. Walking Treadmill Plank

If you need a treadmill workout for abs, this exercise is top-tier! Reduce your treadmill’s speed setting to about one mph and get into a plank position behind your treadmill, placing your hands on the base of your treadmill. Keeping your body straight and your core tight, walk your hands forward on the treadmill belt.

  1. Dumbbell Circuit

If you need a treadmill workout with weights that will allow you to get some cardio in while toning your arms, a dumbbell circuit can help!

Start the circuit by warming up on your treadmill. This can include a brisk walk and a jog. Once you’re ready, pick up your dumbbells.

Moving at a speed you’re comfortable with, try doing a few reps of arm curls, front raises, lateral raises, and your other preferred arm exercises. Focus on your form and try to do a set of each exercise. Once you’ve completed your arm exercises, you can finish strong with a run or cool down with a walk on your treadmill.

  1. Running Intervals

If you just want to burn fat all over your body with a treadmill workout, try an interval program. Just running on your treadmill for 40 minutes can get boring, so switching up the speed and incline can help keep you focused on your workout and how you’re feeling!

Try gradually raising the incline throughout your workout or increasing your speed as you slowly reduce the incline. Interval workouts will help you burn more calories because they require you to work harder!

Simple Treadmill Exercises to Try

Now that you know a few treadmill exercises that target different parts of your body, your workout is about to be a little more well-rounded! With a little practice, you’ll be strength training on a treadmill in no time!

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