3 Single Leg Takedown Drills

3 Single Leg Takedown Drills

As we all know, the single leg is one of the most basic and high percentage takedowns in jiu jitsu. Whether youʼre standing on the ground, you need to incorporate the single leg takedown into your game – but just as importantly, you need to know how to DEFEND it as well.

In this video, William Abreu shares 3 single leg drills that will improve your success rate.

Every Jiu Jitsu match starts standing so knowing how to takedown and/ or takedown defense is crucial.

Single Leg step drill:

1. Partner stands in a square stance, feet lateral to each other, and at shoulder width.
2. Step to the outside of their leg and drive your lead knee to the floor.
3. Shoot your arm around their knee and grab both hands.
4. Head to the inside and lean your weight into them to keep your shoulder tight to their hip.

Single Leg pull and sprawl drill:

1. Start off on your knees with your partner laying their weight on top of you.
2. Your head inside, with your shoulder and ear tight to their hip.
3. Grab their leg and pull it into your chest.
4. When pulling the leg your elbows should be tight to your body.
5. Once you pull the leg in, your partner then sprawls while pushing your head down. Now you resist a little as well.
6. When they’re sprawling your arms should never be locked out. As your arms extend you shouldn’t allow your head to dip beneath your shoulders. This helps prevent injuring your shoulders.
7. Make sure throughout the whole drill your head and shoulder stays tight to their hip.

Letʼs watch the video, and then weʼll dissect each element of the move:

Let’s face it—BJJ players suck at takedowns. With our help, you will take them down faster, push the pace easier, and SCORE more!

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