3 Simple Fixes To Improve Your Cardio For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

3 Simple Fixes To Improve Your Cardio For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Endurance is the most important physical attribute you can possess, and there’s nothing worse than gassing out on the mat. 

BJJ black belt Stephen Kesting of the excellent website Grapplearts.com answers a fan’s question about how to improve your cardio for BJJ.

Kesting sees 3 simple fixes and also some more in-depth solutions for bad BJJ cardio:


  1. Are you overweight? Carrying extra bodyweight will make you gas out faster. Cut down your weight.
  2. Do you smoke? Horrible habit that will directly affect your cardio.
  3. Breath holding. Don’t do it. When you hold your breath while grappling, that will make you tired.

He explains in more detail in this video:

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