3 Lightning Quick Guard Pass Attacks Against ButtScooters

3 Lightning Quick Guard Pass Attacks Against ButtScooters

The act of pulling guard in the BJJ world is often ridiculed by other more takedown focused grapplers such as Judoka and Wrestlers who may see it as a cowardly act… The reality is that nowadays with the current rules of sport BJJ which only award 2 points for a takedown and do not penalize guard pulling, you can actually win BJJ competition matches with very little knowledge in the takedown department.

There is a famous saying:

How can you neutralize someone with 20+ years of wrestling or Judo? Just pull guard… Think about it…

Nowadays the recent trend is to intercept the guard pull by flying cartwheeling jumping over the guard puller and ending up in side control:

This Guard Pull Interception HL Will Blow Your Mind

In a No Gi scenario, when your opponent pulls guard, they usually immediately try to set up leg attacks. This is why if you are on top, you should try pass the guard ASAP.

In this video, Kent Peters shows 3 great folding guard passing options which lead to immediate submissions.

The first one is a folding pass to back take. The second is a folding pass to armbar and they third is a folding pass to north south Kimura.

Check it out:

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