25 Single Leg Takedowns in 3 minutes

25 Single Leg Takedowns in 3 minutes

The single leg take down is one of the first two takedowns that beginners learn in BJJ/Grappling.

The reason for this is because it is relatively simple to understand and, like the double leg, it presents itself very often from standing, guard, and many other positions.

By learning a well executed single leg takedown, you can advance many areas of your bjj, you can use several variations of this position in many different aspects of bjj.  There is an ongoing discussion on which sport is better to crosstrain in for BJJ players:  wrestling or Judo?

Many BJJ champions such as Marcelo Garcia believe that wrestling may be the better choice because of its versatility.  You can also use wrestling in the gi or without it.

This is a compilation of Single Leg Takedowns from the following positions:

1. Snatch Single Position
2. Shin Block Position
3. Firewood Position
4. Rambo Position
5. Inside Firewood Position
6. Inside Rambo Position

The purpose of the video is to make the single leg takedown family of takedowns more organized and digestible.

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