2014 Jiu-Jitsu World Expo Superfights & BJJ Pro League Recap & Results

2014 Jiu-Jitsu World Expo Superfights & BJJ Pro League Recap & Results



Day 1 of action at the Jiu-Jitsu World Expo was reserved for the superfights between BJJ legends of the past and of today.

In the first fight, Alexandre Pulga obeat Zak Maxwell 4-2.

Ricardo Resende submitted Danilo Indio with a triangle/armbar in 2:09.

Tim Spriggs beat world champ Leo Nogueira by 10-2.

Bruno Frazzato beat AJ Agazarm 3-0 by advantages.

Augusto Mendes beat Gianni Grippo by referee decision after 0-0.

Next up was the rematch between 7x world champion Robson Moura and Marcos Parrumpinha. Robinho tapped Parrumpinha with a clock choke after 4 minutes,

The main event superfight was Vitor Shaolin vs Nino Schembri. Shaolin was too much for Nino. He was all over him from the get go, combined takedowns and a sweep to win 8-0.

Shaolin working the takedown vs Nino

Shaolin working the takedown vs Nino


On Sunday, there were the BJJ Pro League in which IBJJF offered prize money


There were 4 weight classes.

Feather weights

In the semi, Osvaldo Moizinho choked Ivaniel Oliveira from the back.

In the second semi, Paulo Miyao beat Koji Shibamoto 14-2.

In the final, Moizinho defeated Miyao by Referee decision.




There was a big upset as multiple world champion Otavio Sousa was defeated by Francisco ‘Sinistro’ Iturralde 2-0. Sinistro pulled guard and pulled off a last minute sweep.

In the other semifinal, GFTEam’s Vitor Oliveira beat Claudio Calasans Jr 2-1 by advantages.

In the final, Oliveira beat Sinistro 4-2.





In the first semifinal Jackson Sousa beat Eduardo Telles 4-1 advantages.

In the second semi, crowd favorite Keenan Cornelius dominated Roberto ‘Tussa’ Alencar  12-0.

In the final, Keenan used his worm guard, but Jackson was able to stuff it. After a scorless draw. Keenan was awarded the split referee decision.



Bernardo Faria beat Gistavo Pires by triangle choke

In the other semifinal, Luiz Panza beat Ricardo Evangelista by armbar.

In the final Faria defeated Panza by choke from the back.